Cheapest chair mat alternative to the real chair mat that cost $30 at least depend on the size

You know I’m not a cheap guy, it just that I have a family to look after and off course need to determine of the things I really need to have to buy versus the things that’s can only say “good to have”, so yeah, forget about the things that is good to have, and prioritize to get the things that you need. Need mean that you need it otherwise you cannot operate. Good to have is something that just help you a little bit not much such as small size expensive keyboard stylist design versus a normal regular size keyboard.

So back to the chair mat. I have a desk space of 4 feet by 8 feet. I went online and not so many places carried such large size chair mat, I would have to get at least 2, each one cost about $25 to $30, that’s a total of $60. So I use my brain, whatever I have lol, and went to home depot and found a nice flat smooth surface board size 4feet by 8 feet 4/36 inch thick I think, thick enough to support me walking on it and my chair rolling around. The lighter thickness cost $9 and the thicker one cost $14 include tax, and it work perfectly for a large chair mat 🙂 an alternative to chair mat. I can’t seem to find it online, but it’s available at home depot, I believe it called Tempered Hardboard, it has one smooth surface and the other one rough.