Child locked-in-car alone device cost less than $100 to install easy

So you have money to spend on a nice car, upgraded your car stereo dvd system or nice set of wheels for your car, but you didn’t spend money on having a child safety locked-in-car warning?  despite the fact that you know you have a toddler? EPPING! unbelievable, these devices are out there, and it’s not that expensive or hard to install, what? you afraid it will not look nice on your car than the safety of your child? ePP yOU! come to my house, I will install a workable device that can irritate the FRACK out of you when you leave your car with your child inside so this would never happen! can you imagine the agony death how the child take his or her last breath before death!? I should stop watching the news, some news just pisses me off

Lately there has been a lot of fatality related child locked-in-car, mostly extreme heat, and possible extremely cold also, and off course loss of oxygen even the temperature is just fine.

The device could be homemade, or professionally installed for $300 or less. I personally can create a device right now for less than $100 installed and it will irritate the FRACK out of you to make sure you bring the child out of the car.