DDOS attack hacking database defacing my blog and servers continue

It comes as no surprise to me that by now I get thousands of hacking attempts based on my server logs. The majority was blocked access to this blog. So far appears to be script kiddies. However I can see professional hacking coming soon. To those business online scam that has been exposed, will take major attempts to bring my blog down.

Although I’m an individual, I speaks based on what I see, understood, facts and some research. On top of that my blog is small, not famous, no having a lot of traffic, supposed to be for fun, as activities to improves my writings. English is my second language. I’m fluent in another language. The intention I had initially was to blog I observe sees each day, because I don’t get a chance to speak much or get involve with any discussion or argument, sometime due to the fact that people speaks too much and I don’t get a chance to voice my opinions. So as a result I voice my opinion here.

I am not against any group, or pro to any groups, or individuals for that matter. I am for myself. I blog based on what I know, based on my little idiot lack of intelligence brain as some may say, so far only that person from anony-pay.com was saying what he thinks I am, he will be not the first I’m sure.

Lately I’ve been exposing many scam on the internet. I tried to educate people that HYIP, and all online business that promise big investment returns, even small investment returns with the fact that business is not registered, no regulated and fake virtual identity was use to operates. Stay away from these online business, it’s a scam, some scam are very clever. The people behind these scam are even more intelligence than we may thing. Some even very educated high level skills of marketing instead of helping the world society, they use it to harm and steal money from hard working people.