Do not buy live stock like fish pets deliver by mail or carrier

Here’s my experience with buyin shrimps crayfish whatever you call it and have it deliver by a carrier like USPS, UPS, Fedex. Although the seller is very good at communication and careful packaging of your items but chances are the carrier will not, in my case USPS.

The seller package very carefully, there are a total of 5 shrimps and only 2 of them survive, 2 dead and 1 have missing limbs chances are this one will died too. So total of 5, only 2 still healthy. The total spent was $21, and the seller is too nice, I’m not going to tell her that only 2 are healthy because to me she’s just too nice. Oh well, lesson learn.

Here in this state, shrimps that I want are not available in the local fish pets store, not even thatfishplace have it. However you can make special order, they will order it for you and you can pick up when it arrives, the cost is pretty much the same as buying on ebay due to shipping.

My recommendation, don’t try, you will loose $20 for nothing, just have fun, go to your local fish pets store and order the fish that you want, and they will call you when it get delivered for you to pick up, guaranteed healthy.