Does Vietnamese people have any patient at all?

I am a Vietnamese American, but I have patient, at least better than some other Vietnamese I know. Even when I repeatedly provided detail explanation on an E-Mail clearly stated the date estimate and it’s not even to that date yet and they kept on bothering me asking me why haven’t done yet or received yet? Very irritating and unprofessional, it might work on some other people, but certainly don’t work for me. I don’t believe this is just Vietnamese people but I think also with other nationalities also, but my own experience dealing based on a recent event.

To me, if a person already provided clear direction or explanation already, with time and date estimated, at least give them that chance to deliver that promise at that date and time and then start pounding on them. I can say that if I cannot deliver that promises I would feel upset as well and will do everything I can to make it right, with the fact that I know I will loose business and will probably never do business with that person again, but I leave it open for them to decided, one time apology is enough no need to beg as long as the person admit the mistake and get point taken away. We’re all human being, we make mistake, but we must properly fix the mistake and prevent it from happening again and again.