Don’t click on any advertisements on facebook website

Do you know that facebook is making money off of you, and they’re not even sharing a penny to you? They make money through page views and click.

I wrote a quick article while back, in regard to how websites such as google, yahoo, msn, facebook, cnn, etc. make money off of you and you don’t even know it? Well just a quick recap, most of these online companies such as facebook makes money when you visit their website, check your profile other people profile, posts, check view search friends post read, everytime you visit they make some money, everytime you accidentally click on an advertisement they make money, if you click on the advertisement on purpose to purchase a products, they make even bigger money. Do you a penny sharing from them? nope! zip! zero! they will not share to you not even a penny.

So do yourself a favor, don’t click on their advertisement, sometime they trick you to click on it, either by it just pops up right in front of your face something you’re interested in, but when you click and visit that site, it has nothing that really interest you just another advertisement of products and services that you don’t need. So stop clicking on it!

If facebook share some of their revenue to us, then that would be awesome we’ll asking people to click and click and click they will make more money if they share it to us 🙂 LOL the owner of facebook is fiillty rich and he’s getting greedy wants to make more and more money off us, that’s right! us.

Anyhow that just my personal opinion, don’t click on any advertisements sometime it could a virus as well not just advertisements of products that you don’t need.

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