Don’t sell your products to Ebay buyers that gave other sellers negative feedback

Another thing I learned from Ebay is stay away from selling your merchandise to Ebay buyers that left negative feedback to other sellers, especially feedback that have seller responded. Those Ebay buyers that left negative feedback to sellers and sellers responded, are the Ebay buyers that most likely will get you negative feedback also if your items are used and may have defects that you’re not aware or even if you described clearly, still the EBay Buyer still have the power to give you negative feedback and nothing you can do make them remove.

Rarely any EBay buyers would remove their negative feedback toward you even if you sent replacement, refunded them and begging on your knees, it will be a waste of time, but you can try. So stay away from Ebay buyers that left negative feedback to other sellers that responded to the negative feedback.

Don’t get me wrong, there are bad sellers out there, but if the seller responded to the Buyer’s feedback as follow up and the buyer ignore the message, those are the one I’m talking about. If the seller don’t respond to the negative feedback then most likely there is an issue there with the seller.

A very quick way to check the Ebay buyer seller account for negative feedback to others Ebay seller is simple. Simply click on the Buyer name or feedback #, then click on the tab where it said “Feedback Left for others” you will find negative feedback in red there. The thing about negative feedback left for others is it doesn’t count toward your feedback overall % percentage. You can leave 175 negative feedback with 1 positive feedback, and still get 100% overall feedback rating because negative feedback you left for other ebay don’t count toward your overall rating. Sadly, EBay sellers cannot leave negative feedback to buyers ever, either you don’t give feedback or if you give feedback then it’s automatically positive, and if you left positive feedback and said something like “buyer is fraud” most likely your feedback will get removed if the buyer saw it and report to ebay.

do not sell to ebay buyer that left negative feedback to others

do not sell to ebay buyer that left negative feedback to others