Ensure your website uptime is close to 100% if you’re doing google adsense

I got penalized for being offline for 1 week due to power outage and I was away from home for business trip. My plan setup with backup power supply didn’t work out. The UPS Belkin was a failure. Perhaps it was my fault for playing around with the battery, I purchased a marine big car battery and replaced it with the original Belkin battery, that didn’t work out. Power outage went out and so does the UPS, and when power restore, the UPS still dead, it’s worst than having just a power strip. At least a power strip would power back up when power is back. My web servers were hooked up to these UPS.

Anyhow, the bottom line. If you’re doing blogging and revenue generated mainly from Google Adsense, be vigilant, ensure your backup power or surge protector are working, you don’t want a day without power to your web server. Google adsense basically crawl your website constantly to determine your contents legitimate and put you in top rating search result. However if your website is down for even a few hours let a lone a whole week, you could get penalized and all your traffic and hits will get decreased and eventually no longer showing up on google adsense. This mean, no traffic, no revenue.

The good news is you can still work on getting back on track to get google crawling your website again, but ensure to not let it happen again. It will take time for your website to shows up again on google search engine and other search engine.