Facebook make people stupid

Apparently there are lots and lots of people writings about how Facebook can make people stupid both online and in real life, and on top of that impacting your general intelligence. The ones whom are writing about the negative side of facebook, we don’t know if they’re bias or hatred of facebook or had some bad encounter with facebook or something I don’t know.

My own opinion, yes and now, could impact a person’s intelligence.

Yes, you will become stupid, if you use facebook in a wrong way. Let say you check facebook daily and you subscribed to posting or newsfeed that are not  from a credible source then most likely you will get the wrong news. Sadly also as you scroll up and down, there will be some advertisements that will trick you to become curious and you clicked on it and started reading and you actually believe it or fall for it.

No, you will not become stupid if you use facebook the right way. Basically the opposite of the yes above. Subscribe to credible news sources such as CNN and so on. Only connect your facebook to friends that you know in real life, and off course your family comes first. Don’t just add thousand of friends to facebook. Having like a dozen helpful facebook friends is better than having thousands of friends that clicked on LIKE, it’s like clicking LIKE war game whoever get the most likes WIN.