Good Cops bad cops kicked man in the face

There has been just too many incidents with police brutality lately. I have to voice my opinion about it.

First of all, I have no problem with COPS although I have one bad experience with a COPS in the past where I might be speeding past the yellow light and minutes later a COPS was behind me with his siren and flashing light I tried to pull over to the shoulder but he got on his PA and tell me to keep going and told me to pull over into a more spacious space I guess. This old man – COPS – white hair – retirement age was furious, he got out his cruiser slamming his door and approached me with pissed off tone voice yelling at me that I was speeding and ran a red light and told me that just recently there was a fatality that happened at that intersection due to red light speeder, whether it’s true or not I didn’t argued back or say anything, he slam the ticket into my hand with his voice still shaking mumbling a few bad words I’m sure. This happened back in 1997 Redwood city bridge to Fremont I think in Bay Area California.

Anyhow, with recent incidents COPS brutality on camera we can easily tell who’s at fault like the latest COPS kicked man in the face, clearly the man was cooperating, but the COPS kicked him in the face, another COPS car have the video footage recorded, and no doubt clearly the COPS get charged I’m glad. Luckily this was captured on video, how many were not?

Then now let’s talk about all the good things that COPS had been doing for the communities, why don’t we show that on TV, why only show the negative side? Ah yes, negative voice louder. Let’s be fair here, and look at the ratio. 1 out of 1000 COPS incident involved COPS wrong doing, so that’s like less than 1% or in the decimal point % to be exact. Think about how many COPS risking their lives to save yours and many other people’s life, why don’t we show that on the News or TV?

I truly think COPS cam and body CAM will help ease things a bit soon.