Google Authenticator 2FA Invalid auth code message of death?

*** No, re-sync time on mobile device don’t work. Sometime it work, sometime it doesn’t. Mobile showing it’s correct, and some corrected.

Are you having trouble withdrawing your BTC or funds on In fact, even doing any kind of maintenance that required your Google Authenticator would cause issue, basically you can’t sign in, getting that infinite “Invalid auth code” message of death forever and ever. Well it may work a couple days later, if your funds or Bitcoin still exist in or

People are loosing faith and trust on according to Bitcointalk forum. People whom invested money on are all suckers, unless they have hundreds TH/s invested. People whom mined on in the past yield great result, but not it’s shrinking, and with daily frequent issue with the website interface, down time, and off the forever never ending issue ongoing with “Invalid auth code” so call 2FA Google Authenticator doesn’t work anymore. It almost seems like or holding our fund, preventing us from touching it, withdrawing it for that matter.

So it may not be a sync issue at all huh? it potentially be that are doing it on purpose so that nobody can withdraw any funds or Bitcoins, or changes access to their account with 2FA enabled? Hmm ok, so what happen if we disabled 2FA? well if you can that is, might be playing some other tricks to hold you fund.

Now is this is a selective group of users where doing the “Invalid auth code” to? or is it random? or perhaps manually by someone at

For everyone whom are using to mine, to be careful, their pool are shrinking, getting smaller and weaker, might want to jump pool before it’s too late.

Unless fix the server maintenance issue popping up now and then, and especially fix the 2FA, otherwise people will become more skeptical on the direction are going, not a good sign for folks. Be real extra wary about, perhaps stop using them until the fix those important issues where they blamed on our devices, instead of check it on their end to see if anything can be resolved. Whatever it is, need to be fix promptly instead of pointing finger.