Happy Lunar New Year folks year of the sheep 2015

For those of you that are Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and probably Cambodian, and Laos are celebrating Lunar New Year. Basically it’s today February 19th 2015 is the Lunar New year in which the Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese are celebrating it big! biggest holiday of the year, it’s like the Christmas in USA.

I have to admit that, just in case anyone doesn’t know. I am Vietnamese. I came to America many years ago, and I speaks and writes fluent in Vietnamese. English is apparently not my first language, as you can see I made a lot of mistake in writings, don’t when to use correct grammar properly.

Ever since I moved away from California, which is the home of many Vietnamese, although Vietnamese are all scattered across the USA, but California is like the home of many Vietnamese, I don’t seem to have that Vietnamese traditional new year anymore. Part of it because where I live now, not too many Vietnamese and so the traditional cultures including big holidays such as Lunar New Year appears to be just like any ordinary day for me, working and spending time with the family. Off course, all my free are spent online, here and everywhere online.

So this year of Lunar New Year 2015 is the year of the sheep, and I wish every a happy New Year with all the best wishes and success! 🙂