Hire a housekeeper to have quality life style?

Is it worth it to hire a housekeeper to keep your house clean and organize also cooking and the stuff that would do day to day basis?

So my wife and I both work, and we work hard, she doing a lot of overtime and schooling at the same time, I work hard as well. So we have two kids, they’re 4 and 6 years old. Yes like any normal kids they’re trouble maker, yelling, screaming, fighting, draw here and there, scratch here and there, break all the toys I bought and even destroy computers and other electronics.

So I’m wondering if we should hire a housekeeper, typical responsibilities I would assume clean and organize, cook and do laundry, in addition I wonder if they can also look up after the kids, I would say no they don’t, so I would hire a day care person that would probably come the house as well. There will be security camera in the house off course with audio and high quality obviously. I wonder how much it would cost, a whole lot LOL.

However if you’re working parents making six figure income then it’s for you. If you’re making average then don’t. That’s the bottom line. On the other side where I see people have lots of children and they don’t even have a job getting support from the government or have a burger king or mcdonald job paying minimum wage, I wonder how they manage? I guess it’s not how much you make but how you spend it? I think it’s true, you can live in a $800 2-3 bedroom apartment where it’s high crime and old apartment buildings which barely met the minimum requirement of the local authority. While 2-3 bedroom apartment elsewhere higher class cost twice as much $1600 and above but it’s newer and better neighborhood low or no crimes.

To me my personal opinion is, as stated before, if you’re rich making six figure income and when you do the math, it worth it then go for it, the extra money you make you can hire a good house keeper and child care person. All you and your wife need to do is work and make good money hopefully 8 hours day without traveling, well? good luck with that 🙂 making six figure income without traveling is not easy for many 🙂 So I would say, if you’re making average money like many, I wouldn’t recommend on getting housekeeper and personal child care.