Home Land Security DHS got no balls picking on Bitcoin BTC while they failed miserably protecting American people from terrorist

Based on latest action from the US DHS, they shut down operation and seized money from Dwolla and Mt.Gox, basically money in limbo between Mt.Gox has been seized, sorry for those of you whom uses Mt.Gox and Dwolla to transfer money in and out for your Bitcoin BTC exchange, however the majority of you might get it back, but some larger amount going to get hold and pending investigation. Bottom line, no more Mt.Gox with Dwolla in or out either way, so look for alternative, and many wouldn’t be surprise if it will get shut down as well.

OK so the real question, why did the DHS involved in this activity? many would think of the obvious, funding to the terrorist where government cannot trace? yes good point, but I don’t believe in the cannot trace, yes you send money from *()&^WAGD to (P#%*@YFDBJ ¬†and it cannot trace, but you can trace once you find the person whom is sending it, it’s still on their computer in/out wallet and so on … blah blah … whatever …. Let assume that no Bitcoin or any crypto currencies, what will the terrorist be using to transfer fund? since crypto currencies were just introduced in 2008, the terrorist would be continuing do what they do, it’s the sick minded people, people with lots of hatred, not so much for the poor that will take $10K and go on a suicide bomb to kill other.

OK enough of that. Let’s talk about the the DHS. I strongly believe that the tax that I’m paying should be and go for good use, I don’t see how shutting down Dwolla and Mt.Gox is in DHS responsibility? were there any proof that someone is transferring money for terrorist? I didn’t hear it, come on now, let’s be honest and open about it, do you know something that the public should know? . The DHS should allocate their time and effort on more important issues, smarter more intelligence approach.

  • One latest failure by the DHS. Was the bombing in Boston MA related to Bitcoin Mt.Gox and Dwolla? NO, I don’t think so and the DHS failed to detect that, and found out DHS could have done a better job since it’s detectable but took the wrong actions, what the F have you been doing with my money DHS? I pay big tax money for a reason.
  • Another latest is, what kind of protection was in place to protect the two terrorist suspect that have new identity and disappeared and now DHS have no idea where they are? What the F again, two suspect terrorist on the loose? come on now.

Many failures by the DHS lately, what have they accomplished other than common sense activities to protect the people? what were the smartest thing that they done differently that are not common sense? I don’t see any intelligence in them, loosing hope and faith.

Anyhow, just my own opinion, DHS if you’re reading this, I’m among of the many individual blogger voicing my own opinions, if you come to my house and knock on my door, once again you are wasting valuable time again and again when you do much more intelligence work, I pay tax and sometime overpaid too because I love America and I will do what I can to help, but I don’t like seeing failures for the money that I paid to you.