How to lower your electric bill without sacrificing?

Well this may only work in the USA for most if not all power companies. For this example I will take PECO as example, but should be the same concept throughout the United States of America power company.

I know a lot of people knows about turning off lights when you don’t need, turn of that computer monitor screen or make it go to sleep or hibernate when not in use, buy Energy Appliance and so on. Well, so hectic isn’t it? but it work and save you some money over long run, yeah it work and doable, not sure how feasible, and probably a habit just need to switch it.

Then the Solar Power and Wind Turbine, so call natural power. Well some solar and wind turbine in the USA offered financing since it cost so much at least $25K for an average system that can power the whole house. Then some tax credit write off, and off course local state government voucher for buying solar and wind turbine installation cost that is, not the materials products itself. This also work, but not so much popular, and not sure how much money can be save, maybe in 15 years or so. However with careful calculation, if you’re paying $500 a month on electric bill, and maybe with this solar or wind turbine system you will be paying $400 a month, I think it’s worth it. Some system is smart, like the Grid-Tie system which is cheaper simply plug in and reverse the power meter, but you’re still paying for electricity to the electric company but cheaper since you produce power sell it back to power company through grid-tie inverter. So this might work.

Then the so call SCAM fraud method of third party power generation. For example from time to time you would receive a flyer in regard to your local power company will raise its price on electricity and you will be paying higher. Therefore this third party or I call it middle man comes in and offer you cheaper deal for example from FirstEnergy, cheap 7 cent vs. 8 cent from PECO. Well guess what? that’s not really the price, and you’re stuck with a contract and if you cancel the contract you will get penalized for $100 + . So do your homework before jumping to this middle man power company from no where. In my case, I got 7.23 cent kilowatts from FirstEnergy, but PECO charged me for generation of 10 cent, so the total comes out to be 17.23 cent. Now if I were to stick with PECO, I would be paying average of 15 cent or less instead of this 17.23 cent today and I’m stuck with the contract. So again, please do your homework before jumping to this middle man service power company saying they charge cheaper but really misleading information.

Finally last but not least, and I think it’s the best. Most power companies in the US today have special program such as Summer discount for installing a remote control device on the AC unit outside your house being controlled by the Power company on when to turn on and off during those hot summer months where a lot of power being use to power AC unit throughout the country. With this device installed, you will get discount or credit back to your bill I believe $20 to $60 maybe, it does help. Now the other options and many others similar to it, is the Time Energy plan. This plan basically charge you 6.5 cent for example from PECO for off peak time, then from 2pm to 6pm, they will charge you 16.5 cent as you can see 10 cent more more than double the price kilowatts per hour, that’s crazy, but if you know this in advance then maybe between 2pm to 6pm, avoid using any high energy appliance. Then from 6:01pm to 1:59pm max your equipment power usage such as Bitcoin Cryptocoin mining which uses a lot of power. Yep I think this will save you money, taking PECO example 6.5 cent is a good deal, but only for M-F. and also no hidden charge like the SCAM middle man third party electric bill like FirstEnergy mislead information on the price given not included the generation charge from electric company which is flexible and PECO could raise so high that what you’re switching to isn’t helping lower the price in fact some time a lot higher, what a scam huh?!