HSBC in big trouble billion dollars fine illegal activities

A couple of months ago I blog about how bad HSBC is, today in the news, HSBC engaged into illegal activities including business with the terrorist and Mexican drug cartel. It’s bad already that they engaged with Capital one something for their customer service and it was the worst experience I ever had, they don’t care about my bestbuy reward card, it was an honest mistake I make payment late by one day, and it’s not even my fault, it was the pay bill bank, Capital one HSBC they don’t care and charged me late fee anyways and will never credit nor they care if I leave them, they simply don’t care about me leaving them, as it say we got your money so leave, imagine they do this to every customers, and they use the fine prints as back up, and yes the fine print does say I’m responsible for making payment on time.

Bottom line HSBC Capital one bestbuy credit are the worst customer service ever, they don’t give a damn, or take my explanation into consideration, that’s what you get HSBC, you need to wake up and review your customer service folks, review the email, review the phone conversation. Worst bank ever, on top of that now you’re fine with billion dollars, you’re lucky you don’t get shut down completely.