I think I got hit with a flu

Whatever this flu virus is, it’s powerful. Shut me down real hard, the previous day I was having a very scratchy throat, not sore though, I thought it just might be something I ate. Boy! was I wrong! I got hit with a flu, couldn’t function the whole day whole night and another whole night again, feeling dizzy, heavy head, couldn’t walk straight moved very slow. Couldn’t eat, could talk. Feel sorry for my youngest daughter watching her dad suffering the flu.

Anyhow, I got a little bit better, but now I realized that all my family members have this flu also, high fever 102 degree. I had to pick up my daughter from school earlier today due to school nurse called and said Dahlia have a fever of 102 degree and she need to go home. For my youngest daughter, she’s home with me her fever was also at 102 she went over to me feeling crappy and I gave her water, took her temperature and gave some yogurt and more water then order pizza for both of them. Wife came home later and she got the flu as well, she couldn’t focus much at work but doing her best, feeling real crappy, I can see it in her face.

Bottom line, we need to know that a flu cannot be cure, however you can take suppression medicine, and if you have a weak immune system, your fever may last more than 2-3 days then it’s time to visit the doctor, if your temperature at 106 degree you better go to emergency room while putting ice to cool your body down, drink plenty of water. The only meal that you can really eat is soup, such the well known chicken soup, or you’re asian, noodle or wonton would help greatly!