If John Chow still making 5 figures income a month from his blog so can I LOL :)

That’s right if you know who John Chow is, I want to make as much money as him in 2-5 years with this “friggin” blog! LOL! ok so it’s not a joke. I got more inspired after knowing there’s a guy name John Chow, and he’s making 5 figures income monthly and that’s $30K to $40K last time I check his video on youtube.

I got inspired back with Shoe Money earning money from google adsense, then I noticed that blogging isn’t for everybody, and you got to know that there are millions and millions other blogger out there might be blogging the same contents you’re blogging. So in other word, you have many competitors, competitors could blog better or worst. Competitors that blog by copying other blogs that will not go well in the long run, you must blog with your own words unique contents and original, if you can’t do that then blogging is not for you!

Hey! if it’s easy to make money blogging, then anyone would have and could have done it, why do they need to work 8 10 12 hours a day?

It is possible, the potential to make money is still there, taking this blog for example 1a20.com my blog, this one, the one you’re reading now. I started this blog back in September 2011, today is January 2013, I would say about 1 year old, so this blog is one year, and all I’ve been doing is blog, I don’t advertise or spam anyone or any forums or other blog, I don’t have back-links from other websites, I just blog and hope search engine sees and people interested go in and read and click … and I don’t even have comments turned on. However I do recently have facebook comments turned on. But guess what? I’ve make an average of $2-3 a day on this blog, just for writing what I know, my thought my ideas and so on. So in two years I hope to increase that $2-3 a day to $6 to $10 a day, and imagine this, if I can can have 100 blog that’s $10 x 100 = $1000 a day, I don’t see how it’s not possible, BUT! the big BUT! can you manage 100 blogs LOL 🙂 most people successful blogger, have just one quality blog :). And, if you keep on blogging the revenue will keep on increasing.

P.S. – English is my second language, I did horrible in in grammar and writings, but there are software out there that can help you correct it such as MS Word or WordPress plugin that will help fix it.

make money blogging sucks it's not for everybody don't quit your day job you could make big money but it does take time patient and great effort at first and a must writes good english

make money blogging sucks it’s not for everybody don’t quit your day job you could make big money but it does take time patient and great effort at first and a must writes good english

Happy Friday!

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