If you want to post your families members pictures on Facebook then you should remove everyone else

There are many reasons you should not be posting your families members, especially immediate family members on Facebook, youtube, google +, social media network even Twitter, unless you want to expose them to the internet. I can tell you I wouldn’t if were them. Understanding the harmful thing that could happen.

If you still want to post pictures to share with only family members then you better get to facebook configuration and start setting up new groups. Such as Immediate family members group. Friends, Co-Workers, Enemies, Subscribers, and everyone else, you get the point. Then default your post to Family members, and then when you post your pictures or whatever will appear automatically only for family members. ┬áNow facebook doesn’t like this, what they want for you to do is expose to the whole world so they can make money off of your posts, so they will make it difficult to configure post directly for certain audience.

I’ve seen people post on Facebook, Twitter where they’re about, where they’re at, even their home house address and so on. This is just telling criminals where you’re at to determine when to go to your house and rob you. The more detail you share online, the riskier you will get hurt both physically and mentally.

I’ve seen people post on Facebook showing off their body, their attractiveness, their large breast, and so on. You’re just asking for trouble. Criminal are advancing to technology to catch victims. Most likely you will get rape, get hurt, get victimized by stoker. You really just asking for trouble, or maybe you want to get rape or be a porn star, or hooker. So please, think about it, before posting. On top of that not to mention about the potential of loosing your job and reputation.

I’ve seen people post pictures of their son or daughters ever since they’re born, and kept on posting it daily, even toward their teenager years. Again, you’re just asking for trouble. Do you know that their criminal out there with dirty mind, all they do is surf the internet, scanning through facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media network to find victims they can easily get to. The pictures of your daughters, son, and even your wife or yourself could catch some criminal attention and it’s not that hard to get to you, and eventually your life will be miserable.

So please, post responsibly. Maybe don’t post at all anything related to your family where about, and pictures, it’s not a good thing, even you think it’s secure if we set it up correctly. I wouldn’t do it. Family stuff should be kept within a box, share with family members privately such as sms to sms and hope the other family members doesn’t share it on facebook. It’s better than posting it yourself on the internet asking for troubles today now, or the future.

how to spy and catch prey on the internet facebook twitter youtube

how to spy and catch prey on the internet facebook twitter youtube