Is NDS stylus pen hot selling items on ebay?

It could be, because I have at least one buyer almost daily, sometime a lot in a day. But really, although it could be a hot seller, but it’s not making a whole lot of money.

The reason is because I list it for sale 99 cent per piece and shipping already 46 cent, and ebay takes another 10 cent out of it, what you really pocket is like less than 50 cent, you got to sell a lot of those to make money. However people can take this concept into other items.

The bottom line is to find a products that people would be looking into buying time to time or products that people get lost all the time such as this NDS stylus pen, kids somehow kept on loosing them, but since cheap you got to sell a lot of these pens to make money.

Potential to make money on ebay are still there for grap, for hard working people, for lucky people, for lazy people, for anyone! basically. For me, I don’t want to waste a single second doing nothing, well watching TV is consider as doing something. Sometime I thought about coming up with a system where I shop around online and craigslist and garage sale for cheap stuff but do a quick turn around sell it on ebay to make money. However watch out for tax on ebay if you reach $20,000 maybe use a different account once you reach $20 K lol

Anyhow happy week end everybody, I wonder how many people are really reading my blog? 🙂