Is USA economy in good shape?

Based on President Obama State of the Union speech last night. It appears that US is in better shapes than the year before and before that.

Gas price are down. If you didn’t notice the gas price are very low, well lowest in a couple years perhaps. The unemployment rate is also down. Hopefully it continue to stay this way.

The terrorist, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are still terrorizing the world especially the United States and Europe, perhaps because they’re jealous due to the wealth and well organized living environment, I can’t think of any other reason. Just my own opinion. Some might say the terrorist are the fuel to booming economy at the same impact it, depend on how well we manage.

I can’t this without saying stuff about Bitcoin. Bitcoin indeed the worst currency to invest in 2014 and maybe this year 2015 also. However Bitcoin is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere. The price indeed is very volatile. Investors get nervous and scare will not hold their investment for long. As we’ve already seen the trend, up a little and big down like 2 to 10 times lower than what it gained, that’s where we’re at today. Will there be another big trend down? I think so, because my guess is that it will go to $25-$50 but impossible to be lower, too low will have people buying and will make it go up higher and higher and maybe skyrocket due to panic buy. However if Bitcoin stay at $200 or so, then most likely it’s a sitting duck, will sit for a long long time.