It’s hard sometime for not knowing too many English vocabulary words

Again, English is not my native language, I am proficient in another language. More often than not, I find myself struggling to find out what word was just said. Especially when working with someone whom is a native English speakers and on top of that major in English communications and so on. These types of people set themselves up so high that either they expect a person like to understand or trying to make me feel shame for not knowing English well to comprehend what they’re trying to say. Sometime I feel sad, but I just walk away, but I will keep it in mind and will improve.

English communication is important, but you don’t have to use words that don’t often being use in day to day communication. To me, when someone use vocabulary words that I don’t often intercept, sometime I don’t bother to ask what that word is, but tried to put the sentence together to see if I get it. If I still don’t I would observe the facial expression or the tone of the person and determine if he/she trying to smart ass me or just plain smart. If the person tone tied to being smart ass, then I just walk away, I don’t like to deal with those kind of people, even for work, I wouldn’t tolerate that. However if the person is intelligent with no sign negative tone then I would try to work with that person, hope that he/she doesn’t get irritated, even if so but continue to explain then I think I’m fine.

I used to work for a company, and I do data analytic. This position of data analytic, to me would be a position that pull a lot of data together and provide what requested for others to use. Others speaks on behalf of the data, I explain how I pull it, very simple. However the boss that work for, had been with the company over 15 years maybe need to move on our of the company, this boss I don’t think on the same page with me, although I tried to be but not meeting me half way. This is the time where I kind of lay back, just perform my task, I’m not going to share anything additional including my life, just strictly work related, I think it’s better this way. I also noticed a few others whom on the same team have the same feeling as I do about this boss, which is good, I’m not alone 🙂

Anyhow to summarize. English is not my native language and you’ve already knew. Cut me some slack, give me a chance trying to comprehend before getting irritate, upset and put me down. If you’re get irritated, upset or put me down, it doesn’t help; the result could end nobody having a good day, why do that?. So be nice, treat someone the way that you want to be treated, although I’m not English native speaker, but I know “treat someone the way you want to be treated”.