Linkedin linking with facebook could get you a job so clean up your facebook people

In the news today, Linkedin are working with facebook, the plan was to link linkedin with facebook, and yes whatever you post on facebook will be seen on linkedin and vi-versa. So those you not being honest such as saying you’re a physicist in facebook but turn out your linkedin truly say you’re cashier at walmart, or your facebook said you have no education or no job but your linkedin said you’re a engineer graduated with a Bachelor or some degree then that would make linkedin raise questions or people whom look at your profile might raise questions, so watch out! clean up facebook or linkedin ensure it’s consistent or just don’t allow the linking at all, but I don’t know, linkedin and facebook might have it automatically linked depend on your facebook and linkedin privacy settings.

Anyhow, the bottom line, just be honest, if you want a good life, a good job, respect from people. Sure, people will love you think you’re funny with those funny pictures of you dressing up as a drag-queen or you’re on thin line bikini or just joking around with funny jokes about black and white people … So just be careful with your facebook privacy settings, I’m not saying you should stop facebook posting, but post it responsibly, or create various groups so that when you post, post it to allow certain groups of people on you list to see – not all or publicly :). I’ve seen people post their profile as No School, No Education, No work or work as drug dealer alcoholic etc. they might think it’s funny but it could cost them their job, do yourself a favor if you’re one of those retard people then create a separate facebook account, and you can have two different facebook for fun and for real.


your linkedin account will link to facebook automatically and companies will see all what you're posting on facebook

your linkedin account will link to facebook automatically and companies will see all what you’re posting on facebook


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