Make money with a few computers running and the internet

This question has been around for a very long time and never really seems to have a direct answer. Well? there isn’t a direct answer, and it depend on a person. For me, the answer is YES. Yes you can make money with a few computers running with the internet. I’ve been researching for almost a year now, and I can tell you YES absolutely you can make money. I have a few friends working hard, getting promotion at the company where they work, they also work as side job going around fixing and building stuff such as handy man, sure, they’re hard worker and they deserve big money. But, what about people like me, spending all their free time on the internet in front of the computer. Can I make as much money as them?, off course absolutely yes. So what have I been doing succeeding so far? here a few in no particular order.

  1. Web design – it’s alright, off and on, seasonal, no coding knowledge required since there are so many software out there, click and drag to create website no need to program coding blah blah.
  2. Google adsense – pretty good, need a content website, blog about something, even micro blog such as twitter. You already spending a tons of time on facebook and other social media, why not blog it on your own blog making money rather than posting on facebook making facebook making money and they don’t even share you a penny and some service they will be charging soon. Furthermore, one day you will get in trouble easily using facebook, since you share everything that you do, where you’re at and so on.
  3. Bitcoin mining, my favorite, BTC rise and fall but stable at 100s look like, need a powerful GPU computer though, although might be better to mine Litecoin with GPU for now, and invest the money to buy Bitcoin ASIC miner. You can mine other crypto currencies, not just Bitcoin and Litecoin, then exchange for USD
  4. The latest is also known as Digital generation, it still new, and many people are getting onboard and hoping they continue to operate for the next few months, because the return investment over a period of time such as 1 year (12 months) are pretty high. They also have referrals 20% 1st level and 10% 2nd level. Good makign money opportunity, required you to have a computer running 24/7
  5. With a computer running 24 hours a day you can also try out gomezpeer and others, the new one will be coming out is CPUUsage, might be similar to gomezpeer and coingeneration. These you would need a computer running 24 / 7, some of them you can running multiple computers that have multiple IPs on the internet for unique identification to double your money making opportunity.
  6. Ebay,it work great!, just buy in bulk or buy cheap and sell high. Or you can buy rebates stuff and then re-sell it on ebay, making money off of rebates and get good rating feedback from ebay buyers. Once you have good ebay feedback rating account, you can sell almost anything on ebay with people look at your items first.
  7. the list goes on, these are all I want to share for now, stay tuned … LOL So as you can see, don’t be lazy, you can make money too being in front of the computer, from home, from anywhere in the world, work at anytime, be home with your loves one such as for your great grand parents or young kids.