Michael Brown deserve to died did you see the security footage surveillance

Are people blind? who are the protesters? I can tell you most likely trouble maker, or had come in contact with the law in the past, hatred to the authority, bad taste and so on. These people are taking advantage to destroy the whole town, looting, stealing merchandise and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, killing of another person isn’t a good thing, but being a bad person isn’t a good thing either. For those of you who are not idiot, and patient enough for a clearer answer then take a look at the latest report released by the authority. Look at how big that guy is, and how he robbed or steal merchandise from a convenient store and how he treated other people that is smaller than him. Look at that picture. A big guy, probably scary too, stealing merchandise, trying to choke a store clerk maybe, not afraid scare of the law, trouble maker, even though stealing is bad, this guy does it anyway. Why? because he’s up to no good, and who knows what this guy could done later in life. Rape your wife, your daughters, robbery murder rape, you name it, this guy “Michael Brown” he’s probably capable of that and more, if you check the security video capture his action robbery in progress, stealing and how he treated another person a lot smaller than him, then you would understand this person is capable of.

Again, I feel sadness for his family, but not for him,¬†Michael Brown, a person like you is not what we want in this world, in this society, eventually you will go to jail, get out jail, start all over again and your violence will only get worst. Most trouble maker began stealing just like you, then gradually get into more trouble, selling drugs, gang bang, robbery, hurting other people. I surely feel sad for your family, your parents whoever raise you up, as it seem does not raise you up correctly. Why do you steal? didn’t your mama, papa tell you not to steal, didn’t your mama papa tell you to treat other nicely, the way you would like to be treated? not bullying that smaller person you encounter at the convenient store? Even you know what you did was wrong, you still does it anyways and that smaller person isn’t going to crap about it. In the end you get what coming to you sooner than later. Rest in peace “Michael Brown”.

Now back to the more trouble maker protesters. Go get educated, get to the truth. Don’t be a bias. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t take advantage of your hatred and act upon it as a reason for you protest, looting, and cause more harm to the community. Go get proper education. Get proper control and understanding. Stop believing what other say on twitter, facebook and youtube, their intention could be misleading for a purpose to benefit themselves with your help. You’re being tricked. So get the the truth. Please.

For the Police office whom shot the big guy, I’m not sure how this happened, shot in the back? hmm that is interesting. We have not heard from him yet, nor we can talk to the dead. I’m sure the police office side feel grief too, we don’t know much, but eventually it will come out.

Michael Brown commited arm robbery bullied other people smaller than him

Michael Brown commited arm robbery bullied other people smaller than him