Mission to remove small chicken bones stuck in my throat

updated Jan. 30th 2013: I thought it went away a couple days ago after drinking beer partying at friend’s house birthday party, but it didn’t, or did it? I can still feel a little of something there. Funny thing is, I just had some more chicken wings earlier today LOL 🙂

update Jan. 26th 2013: Last night while I was sleeping swallowing doesn’t seems to hurt my throat anymore, I thought small chicken bone disappeared, but this morning I woke up, after brushing my teeth, and swallow and drink some water and it hurt again, so the bone obviously still there. I’m thinking of singing karaoke on karaoke machine the whole day see if that help since vibration to the throat might move the bones position and loosen it cough it out or swallow it. This is so irritating decrease my life quality ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!



Ever since yesterday, after eating chicken wings, I chewed on the small chicken wings because I thought it’s soft enough or crunchy good, while chewing and talking and swallowing, somehow I didn’t pay attention and swallowed part of the bones I chewed on down to my throat and it was too late, now that small little bone stuck in my throat. I thought I shouldn’t worry too much because it’s not the first time I got bones stuck in my throat, the last time was a sturgeon bones long one and it came out like almost a month later LOL.

small chicken bone is dangerous don't chew it a small got stuck in my throat and i'm worrying it's still in there wondering what to do next

small chicken bone is dangerous don’t chew it a small got stuck in my throat and i’m worrying it’s still in there wondering what to do next

Here are what I have done so far.

  1. Swallow sticky rice, didn’t work.
  2. Drink lots of water, didn’t work.
  3. Swallow big piece of water melon, didn’t work.
  4. Gargle with water, didn’t work.
  5. Voice humming, didn’t work.
  6. Talk a lot, yelling, screaming, that don’t work either.
  7. Slept, snore, didn’t work.
  8. Turn my neck up down, side way, while swallowing water, talking, don’t work either.

Now to to day 2:

Woke up in the morning and my throat start to hurt, I can feel that bone still there, luckily I don’t it’s sharp enough to do damage. See how long this time I can ride it out. Last time with a fish bone took several weeks.

Tune it for another update soon.