Money making opportunity for folks from developing nations $100 to $200 is doable online

Previously I had written several blog entries in regard to money making opportunity online. If you have a computer and internet, instead of chatting and web surfing for nothing or for something that have no income then you might want to consider opportunities to make money. Many opportunities, and the fact is that people do make money. However the methods I’m about to mention isn’t for developed countries with high living cost and high income.

The money that can be make working about 8 hours a day is about $100 to $200 or more depend on your capabilities and effort. What I’m talking about here is online. Using a computer with internet. There are PTC, many PTC out there, you can simply join and start clicking and do some tasks to make more money. It isn’t much but you can money. There isn’t one PTC, but many, join 50 if you can and have the time to click. The other methods are blogging, however this would take some time to build up but once your blog are well known you can make money with sponsors and advertisement such as Google Adsense although it isn’t the only one out, join 10 of them and make 10 blogs and keep updating daily. Eventually you will make money on auto pilot. Then lastly I want to mention HYIP, high yield investment programs, totally high risk and lots of scam, only invest money that you can loose, before invest in any of the programs, do your homework, check the longevity prediction and ratings, is it paying 100% if so go for it but ensure to withdraw your balance whenever applicable or you can, this is just a precaution to being scammed.