No surprise I see people on my linkedin list constantly updating and adding people to their linkedin account

I see some linkedin account that have about 10 people connected and a couple weeks later up to the hundreds, I see people constantly updating their experience resume and so on. I see these updates LIVE in real time because I have the linkedin tray icon notification of people making changes including update to their account. Sadly these folks are my current co workers, based on these trends I’m seeing, I’m expecting heads count reduction coming soon again, I can’t say the company name LOL I’ll be in trouble so let just say it’s a big semiconductor company #1 follow by Tokyo Electrons. These folks all have degree well educated and has tons of experience so I don’t think they’re worrying much, it will just be some changes that they need to adjust to.

As for me, this company let me go back in April 2011 after my trip from Vietnam. During my trip in Vietnam when I called my boss to update my progress he cut me off and told me I was impacted, somehow I don’t feel surprise I guess I was expecting it because I survived from many lays off so far. Anyhow got back to the USA and got my paid check and whatever the company feel like giving me for my over 13 years contributions. Then they called me back as contractor, I believe my paid was very low and so it is still today, I don’t blame them, I believe it’s fair, although my title should get paid a bit more 🙂 Hey! I’m lucky still have a job not working at McDonald or Burger or Walmart! no offense folks 🙂 heheheheh.

I really want to start my own business, but I’m a little bit chicken, skeptical and don’t feel like taking the risk, if I don’t take the risk I will not make much money, to support my family I must make money fair and square though, not like going out and rob the bank LOL 🙂 I want to blog, although my english is my second language, I can speak and write fluently in Vietnamese, in facts I listen to Vietnamese radio everyday have my own internet radio station.

By the way: Do you know that linkedin is a social media like facebook and google plus? well now you know! but don’t post something that will hurt your career in linked in 🙂

linkedin is a social media website and my co workers been linking to people a lot lately it's a trend telling me to do the same

linkedin is a social media website and my co workers been linking to people a lot lately it’s a trend telling me to do the same