People get rich by moving money

Some of us might recall a story where a guy with a paper clip start trading for a much higher value items, and the last time I heard, he traded up to a jetski wave runner then a car or truck, I haven’t check back since then, his goal was to get a house. Isn’t that something? start off with a paper clip to a car, goal is a house.

Well, that’s how it is for most of the rich people, they move money to make more money. You have $10, you move $10 such as lending to a friend and get interest back such as $1 back, now you have $11, with $11 you keep on doing the same thing over and over again, sometime you get small return, sometime you get big return. However like always, there risks involves, but less risks if you know how to do it safely, you would just money to a gambler and ask him or her gamble with it, chances are 50/50 you will never see that money again, but on the other hand he/she might double it for you. So, the safest ways many people now a day know are put in CDs account, money market fund, and so on. For risk taker like me, but again smaller risk, you can buy items such as Bitcoin from one exchange and turn around quickly sell it on another exchange to make money, you just need a lot of initial money to start such as $10K at least, this is somewhat call arbitrage “arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets”

Anyhow, that’s the concept, move money to make money, one thing to watch for is the tax implication and government might be watching you every time you move $10K+ dollars. So maybe keep it to $9000 to be safe just in case, it just a flag, but you don’t want that risk, but you could if you’re paying for taxes on capital gain.