Perk TV are very strict now a day in addition to lower points and videos streaming issue

Just in case you are using Perk TV. Perk TV is an app for Android and IOS Apple iphone tablet for you to watch videos and performs certain task to earn points for gift card reward, such as Amazon gift card and Ebay. However recently the points earned has been decreased, and videos steaming has a lot of problems, and on top of that users account got cancelled even users haven’t done anything against the TOS.

Some say, PERK TV Farm are the people that are hurting Perk TV app business. Perk TV farm folks uses multiple accounts, multiple phones, hack tools and apps that can by pass phone, bypass watching video such Fast Forward and so on. Some think not. Perk farm people are following rules too. However many blame the points decreased of Perk TV farm people.

Now to the real problem with PERK TV. Video steaming problems. Some videos freeze and will force you reboot your device or force program to stop and restart. Some videos just in loading mode spinning circle and never load. If you don’t check your phone for these problems, your chances of earning any points is nothing, you will not earn much or any points if you encounter this problem all the time. Perk TV said they’ve upgraded their server, but performance appears to be the same, if not worse, we don’t really know if Perk TV upgraded their server.

Lastly there are rules and you must follow, Perk TV ways of detecting you’re not following rules, don’t think you can get away. You will flagged, and during reward redemption process is where Perk TV will cancel your account. The sad thing is they wait til the end when you redeem your gift card, your account got cancelled, so all your hard work for that $100 weeks and weeks gone with the wind, now that is mean. This is the reason many just request reward at very low balance, $5. Every $5 request reward right away. It’s better to loose $5 than $100 weeks and weeks of hard work. Once Perk TV cancelled, suspended, banned your account it’s pretty hard to get reinstated.

Here are a few things not to do. Never mix different internet connection such as your neighbor then your own or public wifi to access perk TV. Never add the 6th device. Never use Fast Forward or any cheats app for Perk TV. Phone # verification is questionable, some people said you can share one phone # for multiple account and will not get ding, however watch out for phone# that got cancelled on previous account, that might be flagged as well for cancellation.