Power outage due to severe storm within a few seconds it does a lot of damages

The reason I haven’t been able to blog much over the past couple of days because of the power outage here in the East Coast of the US. It’s incredible what a few seconds of high wind can do. In just a few seconds, a 70 miles per hours swept through my area of the neighborhood region, it brought destruction. Tall trees being split in half, branches broken down, up root, and so on. Probably not a good idea to have tall trees, if I do, I would chop off the branches and let it grow tall and thin, just like coconut tree.

The result were, at least 5 people died to the storm and caused major damages. Including power outage of more than half million customers for 24 hours or more.

My power was off for over 24 hours. It went down on July 8th 2014 at 6PM, and did not come back on until 9PM on July 10th. Terrible I tell you. My house pretty much new, well 4-5 years old I would consider new. All the electrical residential municipal power has been buried, but still somewhere in the old neighborhood where the power feed to us, that wire came down. For some reason, we’re the last to get our power back on. This has always been the case, when power goes out here in this area, our neighbor always the last to get power back on, it sucks really.

Luckily I have power generator and kept it running continuously all day, and shut down at night time to sleep while using the backup marine batteries. Then power it on again during the day time, I only let it rest when I need to refuel it. One thing my generate really irritate me is it uses the a lot of oil. If you got a power generator like mine, I forgot the model and brand, but what happen is it will run great and then stopped every 15 minutes or less and then 5 minutes and then 1 minute. It turns out the oil was empty, I had to refill it. So if your generator start quitting every 30 minutes then 20 minutes, then 15 minutes then 5 minutes, then 1 minute, it probably need oil. That’s the pattern.

I was able to power one refrigerator, one freezer, one HD TV and cable box, 2 laptops, one desktop, two cooling fan, fish tank water filter, and charges all my mobile devices. It’s awesome, and the generator I believe is a 2000watts, 4000watts peak I believe.