Reckless driving red car at 11AM June 15th 2014 Coatesville PA drove by St. Joseph Coatesville PA Charles Street

People whom goes to Sunday catholic Church at St. Joshep Catholic church parking activities be careful of reckless drivers from that neighborhood, don’t get me wrong, not everyone in that neighborhood are bad, but just watch out you may never know who’s driving recklessly there, it could be the neighbors there or it could be someone visiting or trespassing there. It could also be a few isolated incident.

Earlier today June 15th Sunday, also father day, a red card speed through Charles Street honking everybody to get out of the road while he’s driving and drinking something. I saw this certainly not a black person and probably not white either speed through witness with my own eye have no yield or being courteous to anyone whom just got out of church walking out and slowing depart the parking lot. This driver appear to be holding drinking a big gulp of drink, it could be water, soft drink, or perhaps even beer, but the driver on this red car speed through real fast honking and didn’t stop at the stop sign and people just got out of church.

Be careful, what I witness again could be a few isolated incident here in Charles St, St. Joseph catholic church Coatesville  PA. These reckless drivers especially the one I witness today, on a red car, red Maxima, Altima, or possibly Mitsubishi or Honda Accord, hard to tell. As he drove by recklessly very fast, honking people from parking lot and pedestrian, careless for people whom just got out of church. Below are pictures of the red car what I can recall look like.

Most likely it’s an Altima model of Nissan. As I recall this is what it look like from the back, it’s red and the back look like that. The driver careless of people pedestrian of whom just off of church, he honk them, on top of that no yield for people whom just slowly moving out of the parking lot. He kept on speeding up through really fast recklessly driving. It’s a father day, and I hope that if this person is a father, he should think about his careless recklessness action and be a better father, setting up good example for his kid or kids.


Red Altima reckless driving on Charles St Coatesville PA parking lot of St Joseph Church as people just off church

Red Altima reckless driving on Charles St Coatesville PA parking lot of St Joseph Church as people just off church