Scorching 100 degree hot again today in the north east coast

Well brace yourself for another hot day today, Thursday June 21st 2012. I thought it’s just going to be for two days, but look like Friday tomorrow will be another hot day but not as hot as today though. Is it global warming? no it just hot trend from the mid-west blowing toward us. Yes people can get killed with hot heat weather if they don’t protect themselves, such as dehydration and heat stroke. So once again, stay cool, eat ice scream, drink water constantly, for the elder, turn on the AC or take them to the mall or somewhere cool. If you like you can you build your own air conditioner using ice and a fan, the basic concept is to blow the cold ice air circulate the room, the ice can make over night with good plastic bag of water or empty 2 liter bottle of something, then simply put in a bucket or so, then have the fan suck the cool air from the bucket to the room, it will cool down the room a bit, close all your curtent the darker the rook, the cooler the air will remain 🙂 On my yesterday post, I included videos on how to make your own air conditioner