Stay away from new Ebay buyers when possible

New Ebay buyers are the ones that just recently created their account.

If the account if 1 day old, definitely stay away. 1 month old watch out. 2-3 months old proceed with care. 3 to 6 months, look at the feedback activities, does it makes sense? what are the items purchased? what are the feedback left for others and feeback received. Read the feedback even if it’s positive you might spot something out ot the ordinary.

Mainly this is for items you’re selling in high value that you may loose, such as $100 and above. For lower value such as $5, you can afford to loose but hopefully not too many, it’s the same thing retailers would encounter, there will be good and bad customers. Some customers are honest, many are not.¬†Either way online or off line retail stores not easy to spot them scam fraud, just have to be vigilant.

Now for the buyers, some are newbie, which mean they will give negative even if they don’t like the item functionality, let alone being defective. They will most likely not going to email or message you, simply a negative feedback. Some newbie are being hired by competitors to sabotage reviews feedback of you seller account so that it would deter your customers from buying from you, they’ll buy from someone else have better feedback and rating. Some newbie, are not real newbie, they created multiple accounts to get freebie, meaning they buy some stuff to get for free by playing with you when they received the item, they contact you asking for refund or replacement because old one broken, but is it?

There will be honest newbie, just that they don’t know how the feedback system can impact seller, they just kept on giving either neutral or negative feedback for something that’s not really a defects.

Let’s take a look at the latest case posted on badebay websites, and I’m telling you that badebay website is notorious on posting people’s personal address, phone # and ebay, because it’s available on ebay when you transacts between ebay members your personal information is exposed. It is your home address, phone # and email, now people know where you live. If you ever have a case open or have problems with an ebay sellers or buyers, most likely they will post the information of your home address name phone and email on the internet because most of them would feel betrayed, scammed, fraud … a little bit of anger giving them reason to post your home address email name phone#. This include but not limited to courteous sellers/buyers communications but it could end badly, either the buyer didn’t won the scam or get what they want or just bad day buyer seller can expose your information on the internet. Some may even commit crime against you, since they know where you live easily send someone out to cause trouble with you and probably big crimes.

don't sell new ebay account most likely fraud

don’t sell new ebay account most likely fraud