Teamviewer detecting commercial usage? here’s how to fix

Are you getting messages or being detected as commercial usage for Teamviewer software? Yeah and you’re not using for commercial. You just have a lot of computers to connect to at your home, family members, friends. However one small mistake could locked your Teamviewer account to being detected as commercial usage. I’m not sure how this work, how it detect you’re using it for commercial.

Well it happened to me, I blog earlier. However a couple days ago I contact Teamviewer, they responded within 24 hours asking me to send them some log files, which I did, and they responded hours later and I was surprise!

Below is the message. I thought their intention is to make money, but surprisingly they do allow home usage, so if your Teamviewer got detected wrongly, you can contact Teamviewer to investigate, and you’re using it for home only then don’t worry about it. However the moment you connected from an office corporation or company address IP, you’re locked detected as commercial usage forever. Reinstalling ain’t gonna help. I believe mainly based on IP address, if you have residential ISP you’re ok. But if your IP is business class or from office company business ISP then you probably will get detected.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you very much for your message.

I set your ID to private, non-commercial usage, because I believe you that you do only use TeamViewer for private use.

So you are now able to use the free, non-commercial version again.

But please keep in mind:
TeamViewer is only free for private, non-commercial use.
If you want to use TeamViewer commercially, please buy a license.

The free version can only be used in a private environment – for example if you help friends or relatives in your free time and do not receive any money for it.
Commercial use is every usage in a business environment. This means, if you use it at work or support customers and colleagues, it will be commercial usage. Therefore you are not allowed to use the free version of TeamViewer in any office environments. As soon as one of the PCs participating in a session is connected to a commercial network (office/school/etc.) it is considered commercial use.

If you have any further questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,