Terrible headache appears to be a fever

I don’t remember the last time I got sick. Yesterday after work, I feel dizzy, tired, then a terrible headache, then all I could do was lie down and rest, and before I knew I was sleeping until 6AM, woke up, a little bit better, now my finger palm feel dried, like I can feel the clear skin of my palm. Then I realized that I have a fever, a fever that didn’t woke me up last night, that is strange, I slept throughout the night, now a fever with still a little bit of dizzy. I believe it was due to the camping trip over the week end, perhaps possible when I drove up, I forced myself to stay awake driving battling traffic pinching myself to stay awake LOL.

Anyhow, I hope it was just a fever, nothing else serious, and hope it will be over by tomorrow. Just drink plenty of fluid water, my mouth feel dried as well. Maybe some of the food that I ate over the week end camping trip also, wild clams mussels, fish jerky from vietnam and other wild probably not thoroughly cooked food since we’re camping not properly prepared! 🙂