Tet 2013 Vietnam Cu Lao Tan Thoi – Tan Phu Dong – Mua Lan

Got a chance to collect some photos from one of the teachers at Truong Tieu Hoc Tan Thoi in Vietnam Cu Lao close to Go Cong Tay, Tinh Tien Giang, but now has its own province Tan Phu Dong, you got to go on a ferry in order to get to it, it used to be a small town with no electricity, no telephone, no TV, no computer, some house does have a radio that’s about it, total darkness at night, and you could hear a cricket and other insects chirping so loud. However it’s not longer like that now. Below are video taken a couple days ago celebrating Tet in Vietnam 2013, the tradition I guess never went away there, every Tet there would be a team of “Mua Lan” goes to almost every house in the village to perform and hope to get red envelopes.