The richest people in America how did they became rich really?

When speaking of rich people in America, USA richest person is Bill Gates, but do you know how became so rich? At first I think everyone say because he’s the owner of Microsoft, well that’s that true but not all the money he has came from Microsoft.

Based on one CNN money article below, written about the top 8 richest persons in the USA. Mostly indicated that they diversified their portfolios, in other word, they put theirs eggs in more than one baskets. Bill Gates invested his money wisely, he has it different stocks, including commodities, oil companies and fast food chain like McDonald. However they don’t keep it for a long period of time, they kept on switching I guess they profit a bit then move to something else.

I think it makes sense for the rich to get richer. As I have done similar investments. Find the best stock that you know will go up higher then the price you purchase that is, even a slightly up trend you can profit. Why? Because you have large amount of money to invest with. Let say I’m poor, I only 1 BTC to invest, the next day, BTC went up, I profit 10%. Now if Bill Gates were to invest in BTC, he would invest 10,000BTC at the minimum, and that 10,000BTC up 10%, as you can see the different between investing in 1BTC vs. 10,000BTC, sure it will down, but with the rich people they’re smarter than that to buy BTC that crashed any moment, but you get the point.

So if you’re poor, how can you be rich? To me, I think I have attempted many things to make money. However I failed, and the reason for failure due to various reasons from compromised and luck to being the wrong place at the wrong time timing. I started to sell bugs repeller during the summer, but due to family situation I wasn’t to focus on it. I started to make websites to make money, then I found out many others can do better. I buy stocks it went up and I didn’t sell thinking it will sky rocket, but it crashed. And so on … honestly I don’t know how to become rich the legal way, I have a job, have family, and does some side jobs online including blogging on many blogs which barely enough to pay for webhosting and domain, and invest in some virtual currencies which hasn’t been doing well at all. The bottom line is I learned a lot and with blogging it helps with my English. I don’t just blog, I have to go out on other credible websites to learn, absorb, get educated, investigated, before voicing my opinion.