The world will end with near earth’s objects hitting earth undetected

So, how accurate was NASA and the rest of the team so call “eye on the sky for near earth objects (NEO)” objects such as Asteroids -> meteorites predictions – if and when it will hit Earth? I’m shocked! loosing faith even with NASA, the world indeed possibly will end soon with small meteorites such as this goes un-detected until it destroyed Earth. WAKE UP NASA and the rest of world space proggram! it’s a test this time, the next one hitting Earth will not be one but thousands or more fragments of such from an asteroids far away breaks into pieces entering Earth’s atmosphere un-detected – attacking Earth one after another, and if you cannot detect this one, then how can you detect more of these? For the US alone, what the “hell” are you doing with our tax money? and for the world space program! forget the “friggin” moon exploration and Mars exploration unless you can really evacuate everyone on Earth to another planet LOL – need to set priority protecting Earth! This meteorites brought damage to Russia it could have been the U.S. and yeah you can say it just a meteorites and it’s rare to be this big! Hey! it did happen, now what? and for those that predicts when the world end, now I know it’s possible but we just don’t know the time 🙂