V247 Phone Card vs. Skype Calling from USA to Vietnam and vi versa

OK Vietnamese friends and probably applied to other countries as well. If you use phone card to Call from US to Vietnam or other countries to Vietnam or vi-versa, you probably heard of V247 or so call Nguyen Ngoc Ngan phone card, indeed, it is high quality when compare to other Vietnam phone card. My family and I have used many variety of phone cards over the years to call Vietnam, even with Skype. The best most affordable cheapest lowest is the V247 phone card. I have a few friends that have girl friend or boy friend or just friends and family in Vietnam that they communicated regularly, and they told me skype is what they use, and I agree, but there is a big IF “if”, there are pros and cons using Skype vs. V247 phone card.

Using skype:

  • Pros: Free for calling peer to peer also known as the other side need skype also. Video chatting talk capability, and share files and pictures fast.
  • Cons: there are many, such as you would need to have reliable internet, you would need to be at a computer with a sound card headset [tablet iphone android phone with wifi will work also], and you would need to pay fees if you want to call to a land line or mobile phone, basically you need to pay if you want to call an actual #, and last but not least to Call from Vietnam to USA or USA to Vietnam the charge is about 30 cent or more per min vs. the V247 phone card.

Using V247 phone card or any phone card in generals:

  • Pros: Can call from any phone, there are tons of access #, cheap 2 to 3 cents per minute, Vietnam to US, US to Vietnam. Most if not all the time good quality.
  • Cons: Required an actual phone to call, need to buy phone card or recharge or refill when needed, sometime local DID or access # not available you would be needing to call the 800 # which cost more money on minute. Also charge to your mobile phone or landline if you’re under minutes plan with your phone company.
V247 Phone card to vietnam versus skype free call

V247 Phone card to vietnam versus skype free call

V247 phone card vs. skype reaction and reviews from users.

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