What would you use facebook for?

Knowing that facebook exist way before I registered for an account. I used to have my own websites where I blog and shares my thoughts. Most of the websites I created however similar to yahoo, a portal, a big community of people chatting talking sharing such as a forum. Then later so many people joined facebook and so I ended up creating an account on facebook, at the beginning I just simply browse and read what other people are posting, and then later right after I got laid off from work I began to use facebook to its limits, such as posting links, videos, and so on very frequently, daily more than 10 posts a day. However later I got a job and started to limit my use on facebook.

What I posted on facebook was previously showing off my cooking hobby and how to fix electronics stuff. Later on, I posted pictures and mostly family relatives and friends, and then later videos, and now all videos that I’ve created whether it’s family activities or my own how to videos. What I stop posting is where I’m at. I would not post that I just left the house, I just got to work, I just left work, I am at the store. Or I’m in Asia vacation for 1 month be back in a week. Those kind of posts updates are telling criminals when you’re home and when you’re not home. It may be also use against you a court of law where you posted that you’re the airport but you tell a lie that you were home at the time for example.

So basically whatever you’re doing on facebook, be careful on what you post, especially where you’re heading when you be home and similar activities.

Now I haven’t talked about, bullying, fake identity to steal people’s money and heart. If you watched the movie in 2012 title “Disconnect” basically involve a boy fake his identity as a girl to have an online relationship with a loner and when the other boy found he had been played with, he hung himself and was hospitalized in a coma ending the story still in a coma in the hospital, if he live or not no one know. The lesson in the story is that everyone were at fault. The parent didn’t educate their kids properly, on both sides basically.