When a website load slow or not responding or timed out or doesn’t load at all?

What do you think happen? When a website load slow or not responding or timed out or doesn’t load at all. When this happens, immediate reaction from people are the website is down. Well, folks there is a fast way to check, it call “google search” you already know how to use it. All you have to do is, google search for “is website domain.com up?”

In the case of Cointellect, which I’ve been talking about a lot lately due to the fact that I’ve been monitoring major projects online that allow people to make money easy as letting your computer running, in addition with with investments that would sometime tied to HYIP.  This website Cointellect was indeed down yesterday for many regions of the world. However it is up and running now, although some regions still cannot access it. Although this is normal with any website, sometime it’s up sometime it’s down, due to various reasons from DNS, to ISP issue.

I tried not to be a bias and jump into conclusion, but use word such as “I think” “I speculate” with reasonable doubt. I uses this methods for years and my prediction always correct in the end. Take coingeneration.com as example, I predicted it was a scam since the beginning, same with IPUServices, and Coinbeez, all scam using the same methods exist with direct HYIP ponzi scheme scam. Except with Coingeneration.com took a step further to make it realistic so they can last it longer, same thing with Cointellect.