Are the kids eating their lunch meal fine in school?

I’ve seen many complaint or comments from parents for 2013-2014 school years about their kids coming home hungry due to not finish eating their meal in school.

4 days in a row Bella came home from school and very hungry! She is complaining about ” the food in the school’s cafeteria is nasty.” Thanks to Obama food program, a lot of kids will toss the whole tray into the trash can!

Then a respond that make sense from one parents.

I’ve gone to help during lunch time everyday of this week and true, The food probably doesn’t taste great given its often overcooked (little burnt) but majority of the kids I helped through the lunch line refused to get a vegetable & a fruit and when I asked why, they say they don’t like to eat fruits or vegetable. So they end up only eating the main dish & sometime they don’t even finish that. So I can see why they would be hungry by the time they come home. Also, there’s not a lot of time to eat so when the kids talks a lot at lunch time, they often don’t finish lunch on time. It’s sad to dump trays with 1/2 the food still on it in the trash. But there’s just not enough staff & volunteers to keep telling the kids to eat up & less talking.