Can Vietnam survives without China?

The two communist countries apparently at a war on territorial water ownership in the Spratly island. Lately China pushed one of its oil-rig to the disputed island Vietnam claimed it belongs to them. Apparently both side isn’t backing down and images and videos proven that the Chinese Coast Guard ram the Vietnamese Coast Guard boat, and many Chinese Military vessels are on its way to the location where the incident happened.

Vietnam have a very weak military power in term of technology and lack of high tech weapons. While China advance military is as good as other advance technological countries such as European and US, including nuke! that’s right nuclear power and not to mention military soldiers. Basically China can wipe out Vietnam very easy and very quick. However what’s saving Vietnam is the international intervention and the transparencies now visible to the world of what happening, and so China not going to attack Vietnam that easily if its want to gain maintain economic growth. China already evacuated thousands of Chinese back home. China also cut many ties with Vietnam, as a result Vietnam will see some economic growth fallen.

Vietnam had beaten many invasion from other countries, such as the Chinese long time ago, then French and British, and then the US, and now Chinese back again but this time in the Spratly island area.

So the big question. Can Vietnam survive without China? since China has been its own support in economic growth. Although other countries such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea are primary investors, little investors from Europe US and other countries. The favor most likely will be on China side if Vietnam loss its ties with China. Will Vietnam suffer? probably not, and it might a good thing for Vietnam to change its government strategies and moving away from being a communist. It’s hard to say if anything much will happen. China will probably not going to attack or bomb Vietnam anytime soon, but for sure a different warfare will happens as a result of China bully. This warfare probably includes terrorist attack from either side against each other. Racism violence.