George Zimmerman not guilty

That’s it. Time fly, finally a verdict, and it is not guilty. What now? protest? yeah it did happened! George Zimmerman will get rich sooner or later writing books on, how I killed people and get away with it? well! not so, I agree with the jury verdict, although George Z. did killed mr. Martin but unintentionally, as self defense, by the way, don’t be stupid judging people by their photo, especially the photo of mr. Martin, the kid that you see in picture does not look like the one George Z. killed, people just come up conclusion right away, saying, oh this poor young kid, you are so stupid judging on the photo, the photo released to the media was when Travon was a kid, he certainly does not look like that when confronting with George Z. gangster look perhaps, dress up and look that would get you in trouble with rival gang members.

However the other side of the story is that, George shouldn’t have follow Mr. Martin, ¬†there wasn’t a need to do so. George Z. should have stay where he was guarding the neighborhood premises. I don’t believe the convenient store was part of the neighborhood premises, if it is, still no need to follow and confront him, just asking for trouble.¬†

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