How will the Japanese react to the ISIS beheaded two Japanese journalist?

I thought I saw an article from CNN website in regards to the Japanese reactions to ISIS beheaded two of their journalist. The Japanese people reaction to this act from ISIS was “Japanese will never forgive ISIS” those are strong words.

Apparently that guy whom had beheaded many people already claimed that he is ISIS, and confirmed. I’m just surprised that person is not being captured yet and brought to justice if he’s alive.

With all the technology we have to day, in addition to the spy planes drones satellite and so on, we still don’t know where this person is. The video was posted on the internet, probably social media website, but by who, can we track them down one step at a time? bring all those that have something to do with the beheaded of many people already.

The Japanese have superior technology, can’t the Japanese do anything to track down these ISIS terrorist? Using technology, or at least provide the technology to the US or whoever that are fighting the ISIS terrorist today?

My personal opinion on this is that, the Japanese now have a reason to participate in the fight against the terrorist, and this incident might be good as now the fight against ISIS terrorist have more participant, and this new participant have superior technologies which might be able to assist in the fight.