Made in China aquarium in China burst injured people and killed sharks and other fishes

If you watch the news or come across a short article about an aquarium burst pouring all the water out and killed all the sharks and whatever fishes in it, also injured a few people, and off course there was a security camera that captured this incident. Want more proof of stuff made in China has low quality don’t last long?

Make Made in China got a taste of their own medicine Chinese aquarium burst

Make Made in China got a taste of their own medicine Chinese aquarium burst

Many items people use daily or sitting around the house including clothing, most likely it is make in China, most if not all are cheap low quality and off course don’t last long, before you know it, it either died on you, or cause some kind of accident and possibly fatal. Even this aquarium in China was made by cheap material, weak structure were the main caused of the burst. So why made in China so bad? how about this, you get what you pay for? how about the compliant rules, yes they do comply but guess what? if you ask them to put between 50% to 60% of materials, they will either put 49.99% or lower barely reach the minimum recommendation or required, as a result it’s cheap.

I’m not saying all items made in China are bad, just need to take extra pre-caution, ¬†any company want their products to be manufacture in China need to be real careful, as you can see the iphone 5 was on the news Foxconn something in China manufacture that phone and someone at that factory made a video picture documentary on the living condition of those factory workers were horrific. I rather pay a few more dollars to get high quality products than make in China.

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