The country King of Jordan avenging for their pilot burned alive, What Japan doing for their killed journalist?

After confirming their jet fighter pilot killed burned alive by the ISIS, Jordan took action avenging their pilot by massive Airstrike onto the ISIS regions. What does Japan do for their beheaded journalist? apparently nothing or at least not transparent. I hope Japan reaction would be as strong or some other ways without violent as Jordan.

Let’s take a look back at history the reaction of a country on certain event. Take 9/11 as first example, American did not have strong military involvement against the terrorist until the terrorist attacked Americans soil, that’s when Americas bomb the crap out of the terrorist include Sadam Hussein. What did Obama done lately? not too much success against the terrorist. I would have to give a lot of credits to Bush as president he sure indeed protect the lives of Americans and people around the world by harsh military actions, not Obama hasn’t too much to destroy the terrorist.

Japan better wake up! and support the  military action against the ISIS, athough Japan is still under the agreement not to have build up military power, instead uses its military power for defense only. However Japan have technology which it can help NATO and others to defeat ISIS, so do it Japan.