You idiots parents out there with teenagers roaming the street better check up on them

Another brutal beating by teenagers, just days after a person was shot dead by teenager for nothing, because these teenagers have nothing else better to do. Attention all teenagers parents, why are you having children when you cannot raise them up right? Teenagers are still consider as kids, they learned from you, you specifically the parents or whoever they hang out with the most. You the parents that goes out and have sex and have lots of kids and not being able to care for them properly and they grow up to be a burden for society! should we have Pol Pot take care of you?

Once again, it’s pretty obvious that the parents are at fault, again and again teenagers are still consider as kids, they most of the time cannot make decision for themselves, who they hang out with would be their life experience on growing up, it’s unfortunate in case probably hang out with the wrong people or impacted by violence videos games and movies they watched without your supervision. You idiots parents, why are you having kids when you cannot take care of them? you think having a lot of kids is fun and giving them a chance to life, off course you have no brain and stupid, if you have a brain then you would consider having sex and have kids to be able to raise them up right. You stupid parents go out and work without knowing what your kids are to, you are all idiots parents.

OK I’m cool. I’m very upset with just what happenings over the past few days, teenagers roaming the street, have nothing else better to do, just beating up old people and shoot people their death for no reason, random attacked. I’m shocked, horrified, and a shame to be in America which I though is a good country. America is still  a good country, and if you could idiots parents, please reassess yourselves and fix your teenagers behavior and be with them raise them up right. It is ok for them to hang out with friends, but you must know who their friends are and what they’re up to and where they will going or doing. It is ok for them to tattoo, watching violence movies, playing violence video games, but your must be there for them and explain them the consequent and why violence happened.

Bottom line. Please do not have kids if you cannot raise them. It is better to have one or two kids and raise them up right rather than having many with hope that one of them will succeed and survived. You are a burden to society.