[90% Not Paying] Coingeneration.com updated their members homepage with news funny though

Based on the chat room data, activities, people talking to each other sharing their experiences and thoughts and personal feelings, emotional feelings included. Many of them read the member’s homepage news and LOL about it indeed not funny! but how can it be 90% completed unblock and it will take a few more days to unblock the rest of the other 10% really? Coingeneration.com sure insult people’s intelligent, the people that gave them money to invest, trusting them enough to give them the money, but what do the people get? get fooled! At least be honest about it coingeneration.com the people aren’t stupid, the math doesn’t add up, come on be honest now. So in the chat room, the majority of the people said they’re still blocked from payments, very small # of users said they got paid, and again those say that they got paid are they for real actual coingeneration.com end users members or among the staff members? Because it’s very easy to login change your chat name over and over again and chat with different screen name and no one know who you care, admins can do this over and over again with many users screen name come into the room and said I got paid, I got paid, I got paid! The reality is many and I mean many, more than 90% of the didn’t get pay.

I’m still laughing on the fact that coingeneration.com posted 90% unblocked and would take few more days to complete the other 10%, they really think the members are stupid not to be able to figure out the real figure. The match does not add up, it does not make sense. Check the chat room, how many actual members are saying they got paid and how many say didn’t? Sure you can hire a bunch of people to post messages that coingeneration paid me, all over forums with different identity, but the truth is that many people already coingeneration game plan, how they play and predict their next move, coingeneration next move that is. So as many people in the chat room predicted, the message they’re going to get is broken promise, or partial delivery, more problems rising causing more delay. Some even think that Paypal will frozen coingeneration.com account similar to Payza and people would be back to square one again, meaning another 4 months of delay. The sad thing is that coingeneration.com can do this, they’re not afraid to make up stories and broken promises.

For those that got paid already congratulation! for those doesn’t nothing you can do, as cussing in the chat room and saying coingeneration is a scam in the chat room would get you banned. For new users whom plan to invest more? good luck with you! ensure to do your research first! no such thing as making money this easy, no different than giving the money to a gambler that can double your money in a few seconds.

What will happen in the next few days? – yeah maybe for sure coingeneration.com will lift all the blocked account, but still you would only be able to withdraw up to the amount of your threads, let say you have 1 thread but have $55, guess what? you will only be able to withdraw $1 a day, so you see how they play? they want to you to keep buy threads, that’s your only choice. 4 months already, many people with up to over $10,000 USD waiting to withdraw but never able to, if they were able to withdraw the max is whatever threads they have. So forget about your referrals earning, you’re not going to get that if you have max out your 99 threads (100 threads).

The Rally Continues
As of now 90% of accounts have been validated and unblocked for payouts, we will resolve the status of remaining accounts within the next few days. We’re happy to continue without any hiccups and are confident no problems will arise in the future. It has been a severe test of our abilities to handle numerous problems and solve critical issues well enough to be able to resolve the backlog of payments and move on ahead of the wind!

Enjoy your earnings, DG Staff